Celia Landesberg

Account Executive, EcoVadis

Celia is an advocate and energetic implementer of sustainable behaviors. A vegetarian since age 10, she always was a driving force behind integrating sustainability into organizations of all types and sizes. In middle school, she implemented the first recycling program. At the University of Richmond, she implemented a sustainable purchasing policy and published climate action results towards 100% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2050. A LEED Accredited Professional, Celia executed corporate sustainability strategies and performance analyses for some of the largest real estate companies in the world while working at Goby, a leading energy management and sustainability reporting company for the commercial real estate industry. Celia moved out west to join EcoVadis, the largest collaborative platform that allows companies to assess their suppliers’ environmental and social performance, where she enables world-leading organizations in North America to leverage sustainability as a performance driver for procurement. Celia is a guest lecturer at the University of California on supply chain sustainability and served until recently on non-profit boards to improve food security and food service sustainability in the Chicago area.

My Sessions

To get your company to invest staff time and other resources in your sustainable purchasing program requires making a business case to leaders in your organization. The blueprint for building that business case is now available thanks to research conducted by the SPLC. We will present key learnings from that research. Then, to highlight and … read more >>

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