Kendall Starkman

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Lonely Whale

Kendall Starkman is the director of strategic initiatives at award-winning Lonely Whale. In her role, she leads the implementation of Lonely Whale’s initiatives with corporate partners, with a focus on NextWave Plastics, a consortium of companies committed to keeping plastic in the economy and out of our ocean by integrating ocean-bound plastic into their products. Kendall convenes existing members, propels ongoing collaboration, spearheads member meetings, strengthens the network of ocean-bound plastic suppliers and supports inter-member collaboration and member use case management to drive forward innovation and near-term impact for our oceans.


Previously, Kendall worked on climate adaptation and resilience, where she assisted clients across a multitude of industries navigate the complexities of understanding and planning for the impact of climate change. She co-founded the American Society of Adaptation Professionals’ Bay Area Hub and has presented at the California and Great Lakes Adaptation Forums. Kendall has a Masters of Environmental Management from the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University.

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There is currently more than 86 million tonnes of plastic in our ocean, and over 8 million tonnes of new plastic will enter the ocean each year. Plastic that enters the marine ecosystem breaks down into microplastics, which are nearly impossible to remove from the ocean. Instead they become attractive to fish, turtles, birds and … read more >>

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