Nadine Cino

CEO & co-Inventor, TygaTrax

Nadine Cino is a LEED AP, is the co-founder and co-Inventor of Tyga-Box Systems and Tyga Technologies, and has served as CEO for both companies since inception. A patent-holder of several inventions, related to the moving, storage, electronic tracking and packaging fields, Nadine focuses on creating business opportunities based on the principle of re-use.
The TygaBox business model of is that of renting a reusable moving system to replace cardboard boxes resulting in a reduction of moving costs by 30% and waste-to-landfill by 100%. No trees are cut down and no waste is created. In fact, to date, TygaBox has diverted over 500,000,000 lbs of cardboard from landfills and saved 50,000,000 trees – powerful impacts from a simple box.
The TygaTrax model of reuse is the same conceptually and different in execution. It’s business purpose is to provide mobile RFID tracking and security for any item at anytime from anywhere resulting in mitigating the risks of loss, security and underutilization. The overarching sustainability principal is re-use, in this case, to encourage asset owners to re-use their assets by renting, sharing or bartering through our automated, accountable and transparent platform. Increasing re-us will decrease the unnecessary consumption of planetary resources, and help us all become better global citizens.
Nadine is LEED AP is an accredited professional in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design since 2009. She considers SustainAbility to be a compounded verb and a powerful call to action. As a SustainAbility thought leader, Nadine develops programs for professional organizations and founded and chaired the Sustainability Committee for the International Facilities Management Association NYC Chapter. She shares her knowledge by speaking at industry events, publishing articles and developing programs.
She led the company to win Citi’s Global Environmental Vendor of the Year for NA in 2010. Nadine is the recipient of many Awards including the prestigious Anthony J. Cornacchia Distinguished Service Award (IFMANYC), Smart CEO Brava Award Winner, honoring top female CEO’s and recently graduated from the Advanced Management Program at IESE in Barcelona (rated #1 Business School by the Financial Times. She is a frequent contributor to the New York Reals Estate Journal writing a range of topics from green roofs to urban warehousing, and made this list in Connected World Magazine’s Top 40 WoM2M 2017. http://peggysmedleyshow.com/portfolio-items/06-13-17-episode-516-segment-2-tracking-sustainability/