Sarah Church

Sustainability Project Manager, Alameda County GSA-Sustainability

Sarah Church, Sustainability Project Manager, leads climate change mitigation, resource conservation and waste prevention at California’s Alameda County by facilitating behavior change among the county’s 9500 employees and helping to green its multi-million-dollar contracts. She has advised seven U.S. states and numerous local governments and businesses on the cutting edge of sustainable and socially just procurement over a decade, as staff at Responsible Purchasing Network and as a technical advisor to the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC). Sarah has co-authored several national guides and reports to facilitate sustainable purchasing, with a focus on food, food service ware, and furniture. Her green purchasing work has won awards from the SPLC and California Association of Counties. She currently coordinates the County’s Green Purchasing Roundtable, a resource and network for local institutions.

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Creating a culture of sustainable procurement can be accelerated by using multiple communications channels, offering training programs, and providing ongoing mentorship and advisory support. Making sustainable procurement expertise accessible to staff new to embedding sustainability into procurement is a critical success factor. Internal sustainable procurement leads have an important role in identifying and supporting sustainability … read more >>

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