Innovation Accelerator

Grand Ballroom II

This session is for innovative projects that are ready to be LAUNCHED, JOINED, EXPANDED, or REPLICATED!

Presenters give an overview of new and innovative projects that advance sustainable purchasing. Attendees claim a seat at a roundtable with a topic of interest to them. Topics are repeated three times. Read more here about what to expect from this session.

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The $100 Billion For-Benefit Procurement Pledge: Leveraging Corporate Purchasing Power to Advance the SDGs
Presenter: Rebecca Holliday, CARE

Achieving Impact and Savings with an Online Behavior Change Platform
Presenter: Fahmida Ahmed Bangert, Stanford University

Adding the ‘S’ in’P2P’ — Integrating supplier sustainability metrics into purchasing processes –  where, when, how?
Presenter: Toby Simpson, EcoVadis

Biomimicry in Purchasing: What would procurement inspired by Nature look like?
Presenter: Mikhail Davis, Interface

Closing the Loop: How Office Furniture Remanufacturing Saves Money, Creates Jobs & Benefits the Environment
Presenter: Douglas Pilgrim, Davies Office and Michael Jones-Bey, Con Edison

Growing Implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Global Supply Chains
Presenter: Adam Gordon, Global Compact Network USA

How Big EU Buyers Are Incubating Circular IT
Presenter: Cuno Van Geet, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Netherlands and Joan Prummel, Strategic Advisor on Circular Procurement,Dutch Rijkswaterstaat

How Changes to LEED Are Accelerating Adoption of Sustainable Materials and the Circular Economy
Presenter: Jeff Frost, Brightworks Sustainability and Mary Ellen Mika, Steelcase.

How Trump’s “Efficient Federal Operations” Executive Order 13834 Is Being Implemented Within Federal Purchasing
Presenter: Alison Kinn Bennett, EPA

Identifying Credible Ecolabels and Standards with SPLC’s SUSTAIN Program: Progress Update and Opportunity for Input
Presenters: Sarah O’Brien, SPLC and Anastasia O’Rourke, Industrial Economics Inc

Improved Tools for Quantifying the Savings & Environmental Benefits of Purchasing Sustainable IT Products
Presenters: Patricia Dillon, Green Electronics Council

The Increasing Importance of Supply Chain Sustainability in Investor and Lender Decision-making
Presenter: Trisha Taneja, Sustainalytics

Leveraging Procurement Data to Achieve Energy Savings and Improve Program Effectiveness in the Federal Sector
Presenters: Liyang Wang and Sravan Chalasani, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Opportunities for Procurement to Accelerate Clean Energy
Presenters: Gerald Robinson and Molly Morabito, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Re-thinking Packaging & Food Service Ware: Surprising Findings from Life Cycle Assessment Studies
Presenter: Jonathan Rivin, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Regional Procurement Coordination to Boost Local Green Economy
Presenter: Sarah Church, Alameda County GSA-Sustainability

Responsible Procurement: Metrics and mechanisms to set suppliers on a path of environmental performance to manage climate, water, and deforestation impacts
Presenter: George Hodge, CDP

Setting *Ambitious* Supply Chain Sustainability Goals: Trends & Best Practices
Presenters: Josh Nothwang and Kealy Herman, Energy and Climate Change, WSP

Specifying Limits on Carbon in Concrete: How to Reduce Concrete’s Significant Carbon Footprint Upwards of 50%
Presenters: Karen Cook, County of Alameda and Chris Erickson, Climate Earth

The State-of-the-Art in Corporate Power Purchase Agreements
Presenter: Chip Wood, CRS

Supply Chain Transparency in Apparel Procurement
Presenter: Tim Dombeck, City of Austin

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge: How Procurement Can Help Coffee Become the World’s First 100% Sustainable Commodity
Presenters: Stephen Schulman, Lacas Coffee; Parker Townley and Billy Linstead Goldsmith, Fair Trade USA

Tools and Metrics Used to Help Build a Best in Class Sustainability Program from the Ground Up
Presenter: Denise Curtis, AT&T

Using Predictive Risk to Support More Effective Management of Complex Supply Chain Labor and Environmental Issues
Presenter: Andrew Savini, ELEVATE

Using Procurement to Eliminate Unhealthy Persistent Chemicals from Food Service Ware
Presenter: Sue Chiang, Center for Environmental Health

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