Innovation Accelerator Roundtable Sessions


Innovation Accelerator Roundtables sessions are where SPLC Summit participants share, discuss, and help shape innovative sustainable purchasing projects or practics that are ready to be LAUNCHED, JOINED, EXPANDED, or REPLICATED!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Innovative Projects/Ideas submitted
    During the Summit’s Call for Presentations (deadline: November 9, 2018), prospective presenters are able to submit an Innovation Accelerator Presentation proposal. These proposals describe innovative projects that the submitter will prepare to share about in a roundtable setting. Submissions include fully-baked projects that the presenter is looking for feedback on, a brand new idea that the presenter is looking for others to help develop, or something else. [Projects should be non-commercial or pre-commercial in nature.]
  2. BEFORE THE SUMMIT: Projects Selected for the Accelerator Sessions 
    The Summit Planning Committee, together with SPLC Staff, will select as many as thirty proposals to be included in the Innovation Accelerator Sessions at the Summit. Every proposal selected will be one that the Committee and Staff believe merits the creative thinking that the Summit’s attendees can offer.
  3. AT THE SUMMIT: Attendee Participation   
    Summit Attendees will be able to review the roundtable topics in advance of the Summit. Once on-site (or possibly in advance using a mobile or online app), attendees will be able to claim a seat at a roundtable with a topic of interest to them during each round of the Accelerator sessions. Topics will be repeated more than once so that attendees can attend more than one topic and so that presenters can engage more attendees than can fit around a table at one time.
  4. AFTER THE SUMMIT: Report-Outs 
    We will provide a note-taking sheet for each roundtable so that one of the participants can take notes on the outcomes of the conversation. These will be collected, compiled, and reported back out to all attendees. In the spirit of Chatham House Rule, the report-outs will not attribute ideas or outcomes to specific individuals. Interested parties will be able to follow-up with a topic’s presenter for more details or to get engaged.

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