Sue Allchurch

Chief, Outreach and Engagement, UN Global Compact

Sue is currently Chief of Participant Relations and Communications, United Nations Global Compact. She is working with the business community to help make progress towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through bold innovation and responsible business practices encompassing labour, human rights, environment and anti-corruption. Sue spent most of her career running consumer brands, latterly Lipton Tea, Surf and Skip detergents, and Laundry Innovation globally. In all roles Sue led sustainable development and social purpose as a core part of the brand development with a key focus on product, supply chain, and idea development.
Prior to these roles, Sue was Global Vice President of the Unilever Marketing Academy building capabilities across the global marketing community. In this role, Sue joined a private-public partnership on hand washing to deliver training on behavior change campaigns in private and public sector teams. Through this initiative, hand washing behavior is increasing and the incidence of diarrhoea (one of the major causes of preventable deaths) is in decline. In 2014 Sue made a move to work in the public sector to run marketing for Save the Children UK. In this role, Sue delivered several successful campaigns and contributed to a doubling of impact and income. Latterly, Sue spent time in adult social care addressing the elderly care crisis in the UK, significantly increasing media coverage for the issue, and developing new products and solutions to help care with dignity for older people in the UK.
Sue was born in Pakistan and raised Hong Kong. As a teenager, she worked for UNHCR in Vietnamese refugee camps caring for children and preparing them for transit to the US. Sue says it feels like deja-vu to be at the UN again after 35 years and, most sadly, to be seeing history repeat itself: vast numbers of refugees crossing the waters to escape conflict.

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