Program Overview

SPLC’s Summit attracts high caliber presenters and workshop facilitators. See the speakers featured at the 2018 Summit, as well as last year’s full program line-up to get a sense of what to expect. The preview below is subject to change. The detailed program will be announced by mid February.

30+ interactive workshops, panel, and roundtable sessions

80+ expert presenters

The Summit program will empower sustainable purchasing champions at all maturities to take their organization’s efforts to the next level. In addition to dozens of sessions focused on specific categories, issues, case studies, best practices, and tools, there will be a Teaching Track that helps attendees develop key competencies for running successful sustainable purchasing programs. 

Teaching Track

Sustainable Purchasing 101: What is Sustainability & Sustainable Purchasing, Exactly?

Sustainable Purchasing 101: The Ticket to Success at Any Maturity Level: Identifying and Building on What You Already Have

Sustainable Purchasing 201: Setting Strategic Sustainable Purchasing Goals for Your Organization

Sustainable Purchasing 201: Training & Motivating Sustainable Purchasing Behavior

Sustainable Purchasing 301: Facilitating Cross-functional Engagement in Sustainable Purchasing Projects

Sustainable Purchasing 301: Measuring Success: KPIs and Metrics for Sustainable Purchasing Programs


Break-out Session Topics

The Summit program will be fully determined by mid-February. Topics typically found in Summit break-out session workshops, panels, and roundtables include:

Product & Service Strategies

– Selection criteria and preferences

– Certifications & Standards

– Integrating Sustainability into eProcurement/eCatalogs/ERP

– Product Ingredient Transparency

Supplier Sustainability Strategies

– Supplier Engagement/Development

– Supplier Evaluation/Scorecarding

– Supplier Diversity

– Supply Chain Transparency/Traceability

Cross-cutting Issues/Initiatives

– Climate

– Human Rights

– Ethics

– Etc…

Multi-stakeholder Collaborations