Sustainable Beer Tasting Tour-CANCELLED



Welcome to Portland, or as some of us call it, Beervana! Brewers throughout Oregon have long been ahead of the curve when it comes to craft beer, and Portland remains the epicenter of this culture. In fact, there are more breweries in Portland than in any other city in the world!

Lots of visitors to Portland dip their toe into the waters, often by visiting the larger regional breweries with flagship pubs in downtown’s Pearl District. Join us as we venture out to some of the cities most unique facilities, where smaller operations are on the cutting edge.

We’ll visit three breweries this afternoon, and will learn all about the production process, as well as the variety of ales and lagers that make the world of beer so interesting. This will include a behind-the-scenes tour at your first brewery stop of the day. You’ll sample various styles of beer at each brewery, and snacks will be included at the last stop. You’ll also receive a personal beer journal with which to take notes on your favorite, and a souvenir glass from your hosts, Brewvana: Portland Through Craft

Cost: $109/ person.  Includes transportation, beer tasting, snacks and guide.

Please note that this tour requires advance registration. Register for all Early Arrival Events here.