Meet the Committee

Summit Planning Committee

  • Stacey Foreman, Sustainable Procurement Coordinator, City of Portland
  • Shawn Postera, Sustainable Purchasing Coordinator, Multnomah County
  • Johanna Anderson, Member Services Manager, SPLC
  • Nancy Gillis, CEO, Green Electronics Council
  • Jennifer McNamara, Campus Sustainability Manager, Portland State University
  • Adam Helvey, ORCPP Program Manager and Supplier Outreach, Oregon DAS – Procurement Services
  • Johnathan Rivin, Materials Evaluation Specialist, Materials Management Program, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  • Mike Wallace, Partner, BrownFlynn
  • Ann Doughterty, General Manager of Sustainability, Roppe Holding Company
  • Brian Werner, Associate Director, Trucost
  • Patrick House, Sourcing Specialist, FedEx Services
  • Jeff Foote, EVP, Sustainability, TreeZero
  • Jessian Choy, Environmental Specialist, City of San Francisco
  • Melissa Peck, Environmental Specialist, State of Minnesota
  • Hamzah Abu-Ragheb, Sustainability Manager, Avendra
  • Deborah Dunning, Chief Innovation Officer, Circular Economy Partners

The Planning Committee and Local Host Committee are asked to:

  • Advise staff on:
    • Program design
    • Keynote speakers
    • SPLC Connect: Buyer-Supplier Matchmaking
  • Assist staff with:
    • Speaker selection
    • Outreach