Charleen Fain-Keslar

Standards and Quality Control Manager, California Department of General Services (DGS)

Charleen Fain-Keslar has been the Standards and Quality Control Manager for the State of California since September 2012. She is responsible for managing and leading the Department of General Services, Procurement Division, Engineering Branch, California’s central acquisition business agent, serving an integral role in leading the state’s sustainable purchasing activities.  Charleen has 29 years of experience in specification and standards development and environmental and materials management. A recent graduate of the iPEC Coaching, she seeks to help others discover their own paths to establishing sustainability programs unique to their organizations procurement operations.

Charleen lead the effort for California state government to become a founding member of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council. She has served in governance and oversight roles for several public sector organizations and currently serves as a member of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Councils Strategic Advisory Committee. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from California State University Sacramento.

My Sessions

How do suppler diversity and supplier sustainability initiatives get along? Rather than competing for limited resources, both diversity and sustainability initiatives can be designed to boost each-others’ impact, if structured well. This session will first introduce the core value proposition for incorporating diversity and inclusion into purchasing, making the connection between diversity, inclusion and achieving … read more >>

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