Leonardo Bonanni

CEO & Founder, Sourcemap

Dr. Leonardo Bonanni is globally recognized as an innovator in supply chain transparency and traceability. In 2008, Dr. Bonanni led a team at MIT’s Media Lab to create an open source platform that connected people across global commodity supply chains. Millions of users from multinational brands, manufacturers, material suppliers, and farmers have used the platform to trace supply chains and measure their impact on the triple bottom line.

In 2011, Dr. Bonanni founded Sourcemap Inc. to enable companies to respond to increased regulations and threats to supply chains. International brands such as Mars, Inc.; VF; and Eileen Fisher use Sourcemap’s software to trace products; evaluate social, environmental and financial risks; produce data visualizations; and monitor progress, in even the most complex environments.

Dr. Bonanni has been named among the 100 Most Influential People in Business Ethics and America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs. He teaches sustainability at NYU and MIT.

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As supply chains become increasingly multinational and complex, some of the most significant impacts occur deep in the supply chain – greenhouse gas emissions, child and slave labor, deforestation, and more. Consumers, investors, employees, and taxpayers are increasingly demanding that companies and governments be responsible for the environmental and social impacts of their supply chains. … read more >>

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