Lester Spitler

Chief Procurement Officer, City of Portland, Oregon

Lester Spitler is the Chief Procurement Officer for the City of Portland, Oregon, overseeing over $390 million annually in contracted goods, professional services, and public works projects. Lester is a career public procurement professional having worked in a variety of procurement roles at five different government agencies prior to joining the City. He believes public procurement professionals have a unique opportunity to be a force for good through their purchasing influence, particularly through a focus on sustainability and social equity values. Outside of work, he is an avid outdoorsman, rock climber, bicycle commuter, and a proud parent of a kindergartener.

My Sessions

Historically, government procurement offices have focused on procuring goods and services at the lowest cost and within prescribed procurement rules. Yet, whether the topic is supplier diversity, sweatshops, or climate change, the role of the procurement office is evolving. Come hear this great panel of Chief Procurement Officers discuss how they have seen procurement’s role … read more >>

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