Pat Hopper

Director of Sourcing, FedEx

Pat Hopper joined FedEx in 2001, is a three-time recipient of the FedEx Express Five Star Award, and in his current role as Director of Sourcing, is responsible for holistic spend and supplier management for services categories across all FedEx entities.

Prior to joining FedEx, Pat was a Captain in the US Air Force responsible for the acquisition of GPS Satellites and Classified Space systems. Pat is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, graduated from the US Air Force Academy, and earned a Master of Science in Contracting Management from the AF Institute of Technology. Pat received the Certified Professional Contract Manager designation from the National Contract Management Association, and the Institute of Supply Management’s Certified Purchasing Manager certification.

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Procurement professionals are increasingly facing purchasing categories with complex supply chains that are not easily addressed by simple attributes-based contract specifications. Human rights and labor protections in particular are very hard to control through contracting, because an overlapping supply base often means that no individual company has complete control over a given supplier, and the … read more >>

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