Paul Shahriari

CEO/Founder, Ecomedes

Paul is an authority on green building and the application of technology in the real estate, design and construction industries

He specializes in the application and implementation of sustainability into the real estate, design, construction and manufacturing industries. He works throughout organizations helping to establish visions, train teams, develop methodologies, create tools and enhance marketing and communications strategies. He enjoys working with key industry service providers such as architects, engineers, and construction managers to develop world-class service offerings for high-performance green building projects around the world.

Paul founded three greentech companies:
Ecomedes (2014): A software platform that simplifies economic, environmental and social ROI analysis of sustainable solutions. He also created ecoScorecard (2007) and ecologic3 (2005).

He serves clients in the real estate, design, construction, manufacturing and software industries, who look to him to help them understand how trends in sustainability and technology affect their customers and their businesses.

My Sessions

Finding up to date and accurate lists of products that have earned credible sustainability certifications can be challenging for purchasers wishing to “buy better”. Getting accurate sustainability listings incorporated into eCatalogs and eProcurement tools is critically important for making sustainable purchasing simple and intuitive for budget holders. Fortunately, progress is being made in addressing this … read more >>

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