Morning Plenary

Grand Ballroom II

This session will focus on the different ways in which both purchasers and suppliers are essential participants in enabling expansion of circular economy approaches to recapturing and reusing materials.

John Ortiz, HP’s Director of Product Stewardship, will present from the perspective of a leader on circular economy within the very large ecosystem of a global corporation. He’ll provide perspective on the value of purchaser demand in supporting and elevating sustainability work within large supplier companies, from the viewpoint of an individual whose work is enabled and validated by that demand.
As an overview of how a circular approach can address multiple issues, we’ll show a video from Interface detailing their innovative partnership with multiple parties to develop carpet made from recovered fishing nets, and in the process create economic, social and environmental benefit for remote fishing villages in the Philippines.

Scott Hamlin, CEO of Looptworks, a Portland based company focused on recovering and reusing materials in surprising and inventive ways, and his procurement partner Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Director of Onboard Experience and Uniforms for Delta Airlines will talk about the necessity of close partnership between purchasing and reuse supplier leads to successfully recover and redeploy materials.

Time permitting, we will have a short panel discussion with our speakers, based on audience questions, to delve deeper into the value of the circular approach and what differentiates it from existing recycling and reuse.