Leith Sharp

Director & Lead Faculty, Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership, Harvard University

Leith Sharp is the director and lead faculty of the Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership at Harvard’s Center for Health and the Global Environment. Sharp has spent twenty years driving sustainability into the core business of organizations. She has taught change leadership for sustainability at Harvard for fifteen years and is best known for her work as founding director of Harvard’s Office for Sustainability, where she built the world’s largest green campus organization with a largely self-funding model, leading Harvard to become a global leader in campus sustainability. She has taught change leadership for sustainability at Harvard University for the last twelve years, earning numerous commendations for distinguished teaching performance.

Since 2010, Sharp has been co-creating and open sourcing a powerful new model for positioning sustainability as a driver of innovation, agility, and organizational design. This model has been validated by a variety of representatives from business, government, nonprofit, and higher education. Sharp has keynoted and consulted at over 200 conferences and organizations around the world, including the US House of Representatives House Chief Administrative Office and the Ministry for Science, Denmark. For her work, Sharp has been the recipient of many awards including Young Australian of the Year, Environment Category, and a Churchill Fellowship. She holds an engineering degree (UNSW) and a master of education (Harvard).

My Sessions

Changing how organizations buy goods and services can often be very challenging because of the number of stakeholders and complexities involved. New research that brings together the insights of CEOs of global companies, ecologists, sustainability professionals, and other change makers working within complex environments has revealed a tried-and-true process for leading change that sidesteps friction, … read more >>


This invitation-only session will provide Chief Procurement Officers with an opportunity to uncover the real (vs perceived) barriers to the successful implementation of innovative ideas in their organization. Building on her morning keynote presentation, titled Future Fit Leadership: The Secret to Leading Big, Fast, and Lasting Change, Leith Sharp will guide participants in using insights … read more >>


This is an introductory session to idea flow mapping. We will focus on the change leadership journey of taking a sustainable procurement idea from inception to scale. Participants will have a chance to practice a simple idea flow mapping process that can be used to design future idea life cycles with less friction and more … read more >>

Interactive Workshop