Matt Cyr

Assistant Director, Building Contract Services and Supply Chain, The Ohio State University

Matt Cyr, Assistant Director for Facilities Operations and Development at The Ohio State University, manages contracts and the supply chain for its Operations division. In his 6+ years with Ohio State, he has been an enthusiastic problem solver, spearheading the hand dryer pilot program that diverted 152 tons from the landfill. Other recent projects include reducing water usage across the Columbus campus and collecting and disposing of expired chemicals.

Facilities Operations and Development is dedicated to the day-to-day operations of the Ohio State Columbus campus, with 692 staff members supporting more than 570 buildings on its 1,665-acre campus. Matt’s efforts are a significant component of the university’s goal of achieving Zero Waste by 2025.

Matt received both his Bachelors in Purchasing and Operations Management and his Masters in Business Administration from The Ohio State University.

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Purchasing is one of the most critical places to look for waste reduction strategies. In any organization, most of the waste that goes out the back door initially came in the front door through purchasing. College and University campuses are further challenged by the diverse and widely distributed array of waste streams that they manage. … read more >>

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