Chris Geiger

Senior Environmental Specialist, San Francisco Department of the Environment

Chris Geiger manages some of the nation’s most progressive and effective environmental programs in the civic sector. Since 2003 he has led San Francisco’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program, which has reduced the City’s pesticide use by over 80% since its inception, received the National IPM Achievement Award in 2006, and has been widely emulated nationwide. He is also in charge of implementing the Department of Environment’s Green Purchasing efforts. The Green Purchasing or “SF Approved” Program researches environmentally friendly specifications for a wide variety of products purchased by City departments, such as cleaning products, papers, computers, and lighting products, and publishes them for general us on the SF Approved List. Dr. Geiger coordinates program activities, manages consultant contracts, and conducts technical reviews, and has served on a variety of regional and national committees, including the US Green Building Council’s Materials and Resources Technical Advisory Group, the Steering Committee for the national Responsible Purchasing Network, and the Board of Directors for the Bay Friendly Landscaping Coalition.