Joan Prummel

Strategic Advisor on Circular Procurement, Dutch Rijkswaterstaat

Joan works as international Strategic Advisor on Circular Procurement for the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat. To improve the circularity of any organisation, circular procurement is the way to implement it. Just because procurement is the only way in for any product organisations use. Together with international colleagues Joan helps and guides organisations to set their ambitions, policies and operations, aiming at a more circular organisation.

Circularity connects resource efficiency and sustainability to economic benefits. The strength lies in collaboration: through the supply chain (with the market) and within the organisation. Rijkswaterstaat advises, stimulates and supports public bodies (and private companies) in Europe about circular procurement: using their procurement as a lever to stimulate circular economy. Stimulate markets by their demand, stimulate and enable circular propositions, ‘produce’ useful resource flows instead of waste and embrace the benefits of circular business models.

Experience record

▪ Co-creator of the concept ‘circular procurement’

▪ Founder of the Dutch Green Deal Circular Procurement

▪ Initiator of projects and pilots with circular procurement by the Dutch central government

▪ Key-note speaker on congresses

▪ Trainer and lecturer about circular procurement at universities, cities and companies

▪ Member of the Green Public Procurement Advisory Group of the European Commission

▪ Secretary of SPP Next, a group of European frontrunners on sustainable public procurement

My Sessions

Circular procurement strategies are essential for transitioning from our current “linear economy”, in which raw materials are extracted and ultimately disposed of as waste, into a “circular economy” in which materials are continuously cycled into new products and services, eliminating waste and creating new jobs in the process. In this interactive session geared towards public … read more >>

Interactive Workshop