Stacey Foreman

Sustainable Procurement Coordinator, City of Portland, Oregon

Stacey Foreman manages the City of Portland’s Sustainable Procurement Program and has been incorporating environmentally preferable products and services into public contracts for over a decade. Stacey is active in a variety of regional and national efforts to build sustainable procurement resources and sits on advisory committees for the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, Green Electronics Council, and Sweatfree Purchasing Consortium. Stacey is a LEED Accredited Professional and has presented to national and international audiences on the topic of sustainability in public procurement.

My Sessions

Come hear sustainable purchasing leaders from a city, a manufacturer, and a university share how they have taken their organization’s sustainable purchasing efforts to the next level by strategically engaging internal stakeholders. Starting at different levels of maturity and coming from different sectors, these case studies will draw out some of the common challenges that … read more >>

Lightning Talk

Does your purchasing abet human rights abuses?  Many suppliers—in sectors like electronics, apparel, seafood, and more—source from countries where abuses are common. Modern slavery and human trafficking attract growing attention from lawmakers and consumers. But supply chains are complex. How can you begin to respect the human rights of workers who make your computers, clothes, … read more >>

Panel Presentation