Anastasia O’Rourke

Senior Technical Consultant, Industrial Economics Inc

Anastasia O’Rourke is a Senior Technical Consultant with Industrial Economics Inc, a 120 person environmental and economic consulting firm based in Cambridge Massachusetts. Anastasia focuses on building strategic sustainability programs that leverage sustainability standards, ratings, products, and services. Dr. O’Rourke led SPLC’s work on supplier ratings and serves as the Chair of SPLC’s Strategic Advisory Committee, and is a member of the SPLC Board of Directors. Dr. O’Rourke holds a B.A. (Hons, 1st Class) from Sydney University, a M.Sc. In Industrial Environmental Management from Lund University Sweden, and a Ph.D. in environmental management and finance from Yale University.

My Sessions

Does your organization know whether its suppliers are sustainability leaders or laggards? Does it consider suppliers’ enterprise-wide sustainability management when making purchasing and supplier relationship management decisions? What are best practices for doing that in both public and private sector procurement? SPLC members have identified third-party supplier sustainability rating tools as an important way to … read more >>

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