Sue Chiang

Pollution Prevention Director, Center for Environmental Health

As Pollution Prevention Director at the Center for Environmental Health, Sue works with institutional purchasers from a wide range of sectors to harness their collective buying power to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and expand the market for environmentally preferable products. She leads two projects focused on getting hormone disrupting chemicals out of consumer products – one is on PFAS compounds (in the same family as Teflon and ScotchGard) in single-use food packaging and the other is on glyphosate (or Roundup) contamination in oat-based breakfast foods. Prior to that, Sue led CEH’s work to create market incentives for the electronics industry to design, manufacture and responsibly manage their products at end-of-life in a way that protects public health. Sue received a B.A. degree in environmental science from Barnard College and completed a double-Master’s program at the University of California Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy and the Graduate School of Public Health.

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